Cashew Cream


Once you’ve made and used cashew cream, you’ll wonder how you cooked vegan without it. You can take basically any recipe that requires dairy cream and sub in this amazing cashew cream. Courtesy of Tal Ronnen.

For basic cashew cream:
Soak raw cashews overnight (or about 12 hours) in plenty of water. Drain and rinse, then add to a blender or food processor (if you don’t have a vitamix or similarly amazing blender, you’re better off using your food processor, but bear in mind that your liquid level in an FP must remain pretty low or it’ll start leaking out everywhere… as I found out the hard way. lol.), with water – either just barely enough to cover the cashews if you want thick cream, or about an extra inch if you want runny, pouring cream. If you’re not using a vitamix, you really do need to FP the shit out of the cashews to get a really creamy, smooth consistency. HOWEVER, don’t just leave your FP running for 10mins, or you’ll burn out the motor; blend for a couple mins at a time, resting in between. This stuff keeps in the fridge for a few days, and also freezes really well. Add some lemon juice to it and serve with pasta for a basic alfredo sauce.

TR also has a nice recipe for dessert cashew cream: make the thicker version of it and add to blender with 1/4 c agave, 1 tsp vanilla, and 2/3 c of coconut oil (heat till it liquifies before adding), and blend together. This is really good, but I did find it a bit too coconut-y for my liking, so next time I might ease up on that ingredient.

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