Warm Spinach Salad with Caramelised Shallots


Nice, simple warm salad from here.

Heat a large non stick fry pan to medium, add a little canola oil and then toss in 4 or 5 large shallots (peeled and sliced into 1/4″ slices). Stir for a few minutes till soft, then add a couple pinches of salt and a little cracked pepper. Reduce heat to med-low and let them caramelise (at least another 5 mins, till they get golden and sticky). Add a tbsp of water and scrape off any sticky bits on the bottom of the pan, then add 3 tsp of red wine vinegar and 1 tsp of whole grain mustard and stir. Turn off the heat and add a large bag of baby spinach plus a couple extra tbsp of canola oil and toss till the shallots are on mixed in with the spinach. Serve immediately.

Perfect accompaniment to Roasted Kabocha.

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