General Tso’s Tofu


O.M.G. this is so good! This is one of those dishes that made me feel like a CHEF. Original recipe can be found here.

In a large non-stick frying pan (mine is several inches deep), heat about a 1/4″ of peanut oil on medium-high. While it’s heating perpare your tofu**. Fill a shallow, wide bowl with corn starch, and another with 4 tbsp of egg replacer and 12 tbsp of warm water (whisked together). Dip each piece of tofu in the egg replacer and then into the corn starch. When the oil is heated (test by placing a wooden spoon  in and if the oil bubbles round it, it’s ready), add the tofu (be careful the oil doesn’t spit up at you – lay the pieces in carefully, using tongs). Cook each side 10 mins, or until golden.

While you’re waiting for the tofu, saute 5 spring onions (chopped), about 2 tbsp of minced garlic and a tsp of powdered ginger (original recipe calls for fresh, but I actually prefer powdered) on medium heat with a little peanut oil (for a couple of minutes), then turn up to med-high, cook another minute, then add 2tbsp of mirin, cook another minute, then add 2 c of vege stock or broth, 3 tbsp of sugar, 1 tbsp of seasoned rice vinegar, and 3 tbsp of soy sauce. Take 4 tbsp of the left over cornstarch and mix with 5 tbsp of warm water (or the leftover faux-chicken stock from the tofu marinade). Add to the sauce and stir in immediately. Sauce should thicken but you don’t want it too watery or too viscous.

Tofu should be ready by now, serve with rice, and steamed broccoli, and pour the sauce over top. So delish!

** I first froze my tofu block, defrosted it, sliced it into 8 pieces and then sliced those into triangles. i lay the pieces out onto a few paper towels, layered some more paper towels on top and then weighted them down with some heavy books for awhile. Lay out on a cookie sheet covered with a piece of parchment paper, then lay the tofu pieces out. Bake at 175 F for about 1.5 hours (check about about the 60 min mark and mark sure it’s not drying out too much). Marinate in faux-chicken stock overnight, then drain on some paper towels before proceeding with this recipe.

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