Hedgehog Potatoes


This is kind of a placeholder post because I haven’t made the veganised version of these before – I used to make them with real beef stock powder. But the following is the non-animal recipe that I plan to use sometime in the next week. Putting it here because I just remembered I used to make these, and while they’re not exactly healthy, they’re super tasty.

In a clean plastic bag add:

1.5 c of plain flour
1 tsp dried rosemary
1 tsp dried thyme
salt and pepper
1 crushed/crumbled faux-beef stock cube

Mix it really well.

take 6 similar-sized potatoes and clean really well (or peel). Make deep cuts across the short part of potato, being careful to not cut right through. Wash really well to get out the starchy stuff (potatoes will be creamier). Drain and add to the bag of flour. Toss to coat evenly and then place bottoms-down in a non-stick baking dish and drizzle some canola oil all over. Bake at 415, turning after 20 mins and cooking for another 20 mins. Check for doneness and continue cooking till a skewer/knife/fork meets no resistance when poked in to a potato.

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