Fried Tofu


I think I have finally figured out how to get the coating to stick to my fried tofu!! This has been an ongoing battle of wills, but I finally won…

Slice your tofu into pieces – whatever size you fancy (keeping in mind that the smaller the pieces, the more work this dish will be) – lay out on some paper towels and put under weight for at least 30 mins. Now, you can then marinate it in faux-chicken stock overnight, and then press it out again, or you can use it as is. Next: take 3 bowls and fill one with soy milk (about a cup, depending on how much tofu you’re making), and one with panko bread crumbs (or other crumbs, but I’ve had the best results with panko). In the third bowl, add about 3/4 c of chickpea/garbanzo flour or just regular flour (or maybe rice flour would work too??) – I like the taste of chickpea so that’s what I use – and then a good dash of salt and pepper and whatever seasonings you like: paprika/thyme/rosemary, sage, Italian seasoning, tarragon, basil – really, whatever will best complement the other dishes you are serving this with.

Heat a large non-stick pan on medium. Take each piece of tofu, dip in the soy milk, shake off excess, and roll in the flour mix. Set each piece aside as you go. Add 1/4″ of oil (I used a mixture of sesame, canola and peanut) to your pan and let it heat. Re-dip each piece of tofu in the milk (gently) and roll in the panko crumbs. Make sure pan is hot enough (place a wooden spoon into the oil: if it sizzles, it’s hot enough) and carefully add the tofu pieces. Don’t overcrowd the pan; you can cook the tofu in batches. Depending on your stovetop, the tofu should brown in a minute or so – flip it until all sides are browned and crispy, but watch it closely so it doesn’t all burn. Drain on paper towels and let it rest for at least 5 mins (it’ll be chewy and better).

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