Mango-Banana-Granola Parfaits for breakfast!


Original recipe for granola from Goop.

I decided to change up our VOO parfaits and use homemade granola instead – turns out that was a great idea!


1 c walnuts (raw)
1 c pecans (raw)
2 c rolled oats
1/2 c flax seeds (whole)
1/2 c sunflower seeds (raw)
1 c of dried berries (I used currants)
1/2 c maple syrup
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1 c coconut (I actually forgot to add this)

Pulse the nuts in a food processor so they’re chopped up to a similar size as the rolled oats. Mix everything together and spread out in a baking tray on or on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 F for about 40 mins – stir every 10 mins and check that it isn’t burning. I think I may have over-cooked mine a little. Store in an airtight container.

Now, while this granola is basically healthy, it still has a lot of sugar and fats, so don’t eat a whole bowl of it for breakfast. That’s why it’s so good in parfaits – you only use about a 1/3 c.

Parfait (for 2 people):

2 bananas (sliced, frozen)
1 c frozen mango pieces

Chuck into blender or food processor and whiz till smooth. My blender is a piece of shit, so I zap my banana slices for about 20 secs just to soften them up a bit. I also have to add a bit of soy milk to the mix, otherwise my blender won’t move the frozens. You can leave out the milk if you have a way awesomer blender than mine, and the resulting fruit mix will be much thicker and ice creamier.

To serve: Spoon alternating layers of the mango-banana and granola into parfait glasses (probably about 2 tbsp of granola to every 1/3 c of fruit).

photos coming soon – when I can be bothered to find the USB cord for my camera.

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