Weekly Menu Plan


So I’ve noticed that a lot of food blogs do a menu plan for each week, and I figured I would give it a go and share my OCD menu planning with you.

Basically, I spend a significant amount of time thinking about what I’m going to cook for the week, making shopping lists, ordering the shopping lists into grocery-store-sections and then revising. I really enjoy it. Please keep in mind that this is a habit that only began 6 months ago, and up till that point grocery shopping was really just a depressing free-for-all: we would come home with bags of disparate ingredients. But those were the days before I became a MASTER FUCKING CHEF, BABY.  Okay, I’m not actually a master chef, but my husband sure thinks so (although, coming from a guy who literally subsisted on cereal, hummus, tofurkey, raw carrots/broccoli/cauli, pasta w/marinara for years and years, this probably isn’t high praise).

Anyway: when I really started to get into cooking earlier this year I didn’t have much of a pantry, so I had to choose recipes and then makes lists for shopping. I thought it would mean we would spend a lot less money, since everything we buy is accounted for, but our grocery bill each week is usually between $100-130 on average (plus a monthly shop at trader joe’s, for cereal and soy/almond milks plus some other staples, which comes out to around $100). But now that I cook so many ‘proper’ meals, and try out a lot unusual (for our palates) recipes, we hardly ever eat out. Lately, I’ve been getting bummed about how much we spend at the supermarket but Jordan pointed out that between the not-eating-out and the gourmet (his description) meals every night, $120 isn’t that much. It does cover 42 meals, plus snacks.

So here is the menu plan for the week of August 25-31st:

Thursday: Spring Salad w/Mint and Smoked Paprika w/pasta and pan-fried tofu

Friday: Pizza Bites w/spinach and red onion salad, balsamic dressing

Chocolate Torte

Saturday: Mango Banana Granola Parfaits

Lasagne Cups  w/coleslaw (I fucking LOVE lasagne and coleslaw together!!!!)

Sunday: Spring Salad w/Mint and Smoked Paprika w/pasta and pan-fried tofu

Monday: Lasagne Cups w/coleslaw

Tuesday: Tempeh w/Rosemary and Dijon Cashew Cream Sauce, plus Potato, Rosemary and White Bean Mash. And Cabbage

Wednesday: same as above



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